Launched in January 2000, Kristal Astro established through a joint venture between Kristal Sdn Bhd and MEASAT Broadcast Network System Bhd (Malaysia). It has become the first and only authorized satellite-based Pay TV provider in Brunei Darussalam that provides a range of TV packages offering a wide variety of Live TV channels' categories from worldwide news a recent blockbuster movies on over 80 channels in High Definition. Additionally Kristal Astro provides access to Value Added Service packages and special programs on Pay-Per-View.

Kristal Astro Sdn Bhd was a subsidiary under DST Group of companies until major restructuring took place in January 2020 as part of Brunei's telecommunications industry transformation. Following the restructuring announcement, Kristal Astro is now operating under DST DevCo.

Kristal Astro aims to continue to be Brunei's leading TV entertainment that adheres to Brunei's religious, cultural and social values.