Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is MyKA Account?
MyKA Account is a secure online bill payment portal that caters to Kristal Astro'ssubscribers. MyKA Account can be conveniently accessed online through from any webenabled devices.

2. How much will it cost me to register to MyKA Account?
There is no cost to register to MyKA Account. This service is offered free of charge for Kristal Astro subscribers.

3. What features are available inMyKA Account?
Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to:

  • View you Account Details
  • View up to 6 months of your Bill Statement
  • View up to 3 months of your Bill Statement
  • Pay your bills online
  • Make enquiries about billing, procedures, Kristal Astro packages, promotions rates and charges

4. How to register to MyKA Account?
You can register online through by clicking on 'Register now' on MyKA Account login page. Alternatively, please visit your nearest DST Branch.
After you have completed the registration, you will receive an email notification confirming that your registration has been confirmed. This email also contains your username and password.

5. What are the requirements for registering to MyKA Account?
Registration requires Kristral Astro account number (can be found on your bill statement), telephone number and a valid email address.

6. What if I have multiple subscriptions on my account? Can I create different logins with different Username?
Please note that if you have multiple subscriptions under one account, you will only need to register for one Username.

7. Will I be able to register to MyKA Account if my Kristral Astro account is suspended?
No. Please settle the outstanding balance amount with other payment methods before registering for MyKA Account.

8. What forms of payment does MyKA Account accept?
MyKA Account accepts Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash Cards.

9. How long does it take to process payment?
Once submitted, payment will be processed straight away. Your latest payment transaction will appear on your Transaction History within 24 hours.

10. What if I forgot my Password or Username?
You may reset your password by clicking 'Forgot Username or Password?' link on MyKA Account sign in page and follow the instructions. Alternatively, please visit your nearest DST Branch for further assistance.

11. Where can I find more information about MyKA Account?
If you need more information or have any enquiries, you may reach us through any of the following channels:
1. DST Care 151
2. DST Counter
3. Fill out our feedback form via our website


What is Astro B.yond?
Astro B.yond is a multi-phased innovative service starting with the first ever High-Definition (HD).
Astro B.yond will change TV viewing experience with richer colours, picture-perfect clarity and cinematic surround sound along with this, a new Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) designed for better viewer interface will be introduced.

What is included in the Astro B.yond set
Astro B.yond set comes with a new box, new smart card, HDMI cable, new remote control, new outdoor unit (dish)

Can I still use my Standard Definition television set to watch High-Definition channels with the Astro B.yond Box?
We recommend that you switch to a High-Definition television to enjoy a full High-Definition experience on Astro B.yond. In any case, if you remain on a non-HDTV or a standard definition television, your current Astro programming choices will not be affected in any way.

My current television does not feature an HDMI port. Would I still be able to use my TV with the new Astro B.yond Box?
This probably means that you have a standard television which does not support High-Definition broadcast. The High-Definition viewing experience requires an HDMI connection
Without the HDMI port, you will still be able to channel audio and video through conventional cable and ports of your standard telivision to your Astro B.yond Box but you will be able to watch standard television quality.

Does the High-Definition service suppport surround sound?
Only certain High-Definition channels and programmes will be available in surround sound and compatible to Dolby Digital. Customers may need to connect the digital audio output from the box directly to the home theatre system that has a Dolby digital box.

Can I swap my Astro old box for an Astro B.yond Box?
You can swap your current Astro box with the new Astro B.yond Box on the condition that all your current boxes are installed in the same premise.

Can I get the Astro B.yond Box without subscribing to the High-Definition channels?
It will not be possible as the Astro B.yond Box is bundled with the High-Definition service.

I see two different types of High-Definition television sets at the retailers. Some have the label HD-Ready and some have Full HD; which one should I buy?
Both HD-Ready television and Full HD television are capable of displaying standard definition and high definition broadcast. You should buy a television set that meets your budget requirement.

Why are there 3 different formats - 720p, 1080i and 1080p?
The numbers represent the amount of scan lines in your TV; the more the lines, the better your image looks.
720p means there are 720 lines of pixels. The "p" stands for progressive scanning, a technique that scans and displays all of the lines in one frame.
1080i means 1080 lines are used, but "i" stands for interlaced scanning, where half the lines are displayed in one frame and the other half in the frame that follows.
1080p means 1080 lines are used to create your TV picture. The format is currently being used to produce BluRay discs but not TV broadcasts.

What should I look out for when buying a HD TV?
The format, aspect ratio and contrast ratio. Your new High-Definition TV should at least be able to support the 720p format and an aspect ratio of 16:9 to avoid pillar/letter boxes getting in the way of your viewing experience. It should also have a contrast ratio of at least 10,000:1. And if you have other entertainment systems, like a stereo or gaming console, you should consider a TV with multiple HDMI ports.

What equipment do I need to receive HD quality entertainment?
You will need a High-Definition television set and the new Astro B.yond Box which comes with a new smartcard, new remote control, outdoor unit dish, HDMI cable and of course, the High-Definition channels from Astro B.yond.

When I upgrade to Astro B.yond, does it mean that all the existing channels will be converted into High-Definition?
Not all programmes are available or produced in High-Definition broadcasts at the moment. Just like the transition from black and white television broadcast to colour television broadcast, it will take a little while more before we get to a stage where all channels are in High-Definition

What are the HD Channels available on Astro B.yond?
You can experience sports, movies and documentaries – below are the list of HD channels:

  • Astro ZHI ZUN HD
  • KBS World HDN HD
  • One HD
  • HBO HD
  • Fox Movies Premium HD
  • Sundance Channel HD
  • Sky News HD
  • Discovery HD
  • National Geographic Channel HD
  • Disney XD HD
  • beTV HD
  • AXN HD
  • Star World HD
  • FX HD
  • Food Network HD
  • Life Inspired HD
  • Astro Supersport HD
  • Astro Supersport HD 2
  • FOX Sports Plus HD

More High-Definition channels will be added in the near future.

How much is the Astro B.yond High-Definition channels?
An additional subscription fee of B$10 will be charged per month.

What if I am not a sports package subscriber? Will I get FOX Sports Plus HD and Astro SuperSport HD by paying the access fee?
No, you will have to subscribe to our Sports package.

Will there be changes to the SD channels now that Astro B.yond is here?
No. The current SD channels will remain unchanged. We've designed Astro B.yond to be an additional offering to give you more options in the world of entertainment.

Will I need 2 separate boxes to watch standard definition channels and High-Definition channels?
The new Astro B.yond Box will enable you to watch BOTH standard definition and High-Definition channels. The current Astro box only allows you to watch standard definition channels.

Can I just pick individual High-Definition channels instead of the whole package?
The Astro B.yond High-Definition channel lineup has been carefully designed to give you the best of High-Definition content covering sports, learning and movie genres. We currently do not offer programmes on a pay-per-channel/ala carte basis.

How do I know that I am watching a HD channel?
You can tell if the channel you are watching is a High-Definition channel by looking out for the logo of the channel, which will bear 'HD' at the end of the channel's logo; for example National Geographic Channel HD

Will my standard-definition channels change or disappear because of the new High-Definition channel lineup?
No. Your current standarddefinition service will continue unaffected. The new HighDefinition offerings will appear on new, separate channels.

Tell me about KRISTAL Astro's New TV Guide software?
KRISTAL Astro introduces the first multilingual Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) in Brunei (English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and Tamil). This improved and intuitive TV guide will be available to all KRISTAL Astro B.yond & PVR customers in phases nationwide starting from 1st March 2014.

Why did KRISTAL Astro launch this new TV Guide?
At KRISTAL Astro, we recognize ours is a journey to be better, to evolve, and to embrace innovation in every aspect of our business to be our customer' brand of choice. KRISTAL Astro's brand promise is to continously evolve our value proposition in our quest to serve our customers and viewers better. Today we are unveiling a brand new TV Guide to provide a more personalized and improved viewing experience for our KRISTAL Astro B.yond customers. The new TV Guide is a showcase of our commitment to provide the best entertainment experience to our customers.

What are some of the new and enhanced features?
This new TV Guide comes with several new enhanced features such as:

  • A multilanguage TV Guide that provides a richer, more meaningful experience for customers who can select English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil.
  • An improved Personal Video Recorder(PVR) experience which allows you to manage and browse your recordings and in one location
  • A new, modern and sophisticated design that provides ease of browsing with new features and functions for a smooth/seamless TV viewing experience.

If I am not a KRISTAL Astro B.yond customer, will i still be able to enjoy this new TV guide?
The new TV Guide is available only for KRISTAL Astro B.yond customers. Please upgrade your current Setup Box to KRISTAL Astro B.yond to enjoy the new TV Guide. For more information you can visit

Will I be able to revert to the old TV Guide?
Once the new TV Guide is available on your B.yond decoder, the upgrade is irreversible. However, if you have any feedback on the new TV Guide, do share it with us so that we can improve your experience.

Will I incur any additional charges with KRISTAL Astro B.yond's new TV Guide?
The new TV Guide is an upgrade available at no additional cost to enhance your KRISTAL Astro B.yond viewing experience.

Is the new TV Guide available for both high definition (HD) and standard definition?
The new TV Guide works on both SD and HD channels.

When will I be able to get the new TV Guide?
The new TV Guide will be made available in phases to all B.yond customers (B.yond and B.yond PVR STBs) nationwide starting from 1st March 2014.

Will I be able to know exactly when the new TV Guide for my STB?
We're unable to provide you the specific date, as the roll out is to all B.yond customers in phases. However, if you've yet to receive the new TV Guide software by end of April 2014, please do contact DST Care 151.

Will the new TV Guide update affect my existing recordings or downloaded content?
No, your existing recordings or downloaded content will not be affected. In the unlikely event that you find anything missing, contact DSTCare 151 for further assistance.

What should I do in order to receive the new TV Guide?
Please note that the software roll out for the New TV Guide will be in phases. Please contact DSTCare 151 if you've yet to receive the software update by end April 2014.

I have put my decoder on standby for some time, but I still haven't received the software update. What should I do?
Please note that the software roll out for the New TV Guide will be in phases. Please contact DSTCare 151 if you've yet to receive the software update by end April 2014.

Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

[Note: Video On Demand is not available for Kristal Astro's Customers]

How do I navigate with the new EPG?
The navigation is largely the same as the previous software version, except that the menus scroll left or right. For further information on the new TV guide please visit or tune into Channel 100 (1st Mar 30th Apr) for tips and tutorials to help you understand the new EPG better.

How do I change the language of the EPG?
The updated EPG has a multi-language feature which provides a personalized viewing experience in four languages: English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and Tamil. There are two ways to change the language of the EPG:

1. Press the [TV]/[Guide] button on your remote control to launch TV Guide, then press the [III] button on your remote. Select your desired language using the < and > buttons, then press OK.

2. Press [Home] button on your remote control, then select "preferences" and press OK, then go to "Language" and press OK. Select your desired EPG language using the < and > buttons, then press OK. At the confirmation, select "Yes, continue" and press OK.

How do I discover content with the new TV Guide?
An info banner which provides information on current and upcoming programmes will appear when customers tune in to a channel. To navigate the info banner, just follow these steps:

1. Click to view synopsis

2. Click and to view upcoming programmes

3. Click and to view other channels

The TV Guide will also provide information on all programmes scheduled for the week. To navigate the TV Guide:

1. Select the button to view a programme 24 hours later

2. Select the button to go back 24 hours (do note: past programmes cannot be viewed)

I understand that this new TV Guide comes with an improved PVR experience. What are they?
The improved PVR experience now allows you to:

  • Manage your recordings, downloads in just one location in My TV
  • Manage your recordings in your schedule

How do I navigate My Library?
You can use these key functions while navigating My Library:

  • Watch - Plays your recordings
  • Open - Opens the entire series
  • More - Info Provides you with information about the programme
  • Filter & Sort Filter - and arrange titles according to date, season and etc
  • Lock - Locks My Library to prevent accidental deletion
  • Delete - Removes your recording title for My Library
  • Search - An easier way to search for a particular title you want

How do I search for my recorded programmes?
You can go to My Library to search for your programmes. My Library allows you to browse and filter your programmes easily according to season and episode, alphabetical order, viewed, not viewed. All of your Series Link programmes are now arranged together under the [+] sign.

I have just upgraded to the new software and I can't find series recordings
Your recordings are located in My Library (part of My TV). Series recordings are not grouped together. To watch an episode, select the series and choose "Open", and then select the episode you want to watch and choose "Watch".

What does the icon next to the Channel name in the TV Guide mean?
This means that the channel has been added to the Favourites list. To add/remove favourite channels, highligh the channel in TV Guide and press the "fav" button. You can then quickly cycle between your financial channel, press the "fav" while watching TV.

What do these following icons in My Library mean?


  • Subscriber for 12 months and get an extra month of subscription for 1 (one) month free
  • Standard Installation fee of B$70 payable to authorized installer
  • All channel listing are correct at time of printing


  • KRISTAL Astro only accepts trade-in for active subscriptions with complete smartcard
  • $10 registration fee applied